Aperture 3.1.2 colors vs lightroom with X-Rite for a D700. It seems like

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Aperture Folders not Sync'd to Ref Master Folders

Kabe, Think I understand your desire ( to have flexibility to relocate images within new/different projects and reassign projects within Ap3 folders AND have the referenced masters mirror the revised organization you've created within Ap3), but I'm afraid you still have to do that manually.... create the structure in the folders for the ref masters and relocate masters or move masters by drag & drop and then locate them if Ap3 hasn't been able to follow your drag and drop. I think if you keep within same drive it manages to figure out the new location so the last step is only necessary if you move stuff to a new HD. I just moved 700 MB of masters from two old HD's to a new HD and didn't lose anything. I'm struggling nevertheless to maintain an intuitive structure for both the ref masters and the Aperture project folders but it gets hairy as changing needs over five years of library push you to reorganize to meet different priorities. I will not leave masters to Aperture to manage but holding on to a folder structure eventually will have to give way to trust in database management tools. In the meantime I like the comfort offered by redundancy of folder structure and intense naming practice on the images themselves. Unfortunately I haven't had the discipline to imbed notes in exif data or to rely on keywording. --
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