Instruction manuals included with camera?

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Re: Instruction manuals included with camera?

You question is one which depicts the bias of many in the younger generation and makes no sense at all to older people.

Let's look at a simple scenario. I want to take pictures, have prints made and give them to my relatives, etc. Let's say I'm an older person who has used film cameras for many years. I shoot, rewind and remove the roll of film, take it to the corner drug store and two days (or even in an hour today) I get my results. End of story. My film camera came with a great manual which not only explained all the "features" of my camera, it gave me numerous "tips" on how to improve my photography and was very helpful.

Now, my old film camera is worn out, I have problems finding some place to have prints made and everyone tells me how nice it would be to have a new "digital" camera. They tell me I can simply take my media card to a kiosk or to a drug store and they will make prints for me for somewhere south of twenty four cents each. That's "all" I want to do. I don't own a computer, I don't want a computer. I would, however, like to avail myself of the "features" my nice new "digital" camera offers. But alas, the only "manual" I was given was a "quick start" page or two which essentially consists of a half page of "warnings" and a few diagrams and enough information to let me charge the battery, put it in the camera, remove the lens cap, point it and press the shutter. Not very useful. The "assumption" that most do not read manuals based on questions asked on dPReview is erroneous. First, people who post on dPReview have a computer and are computer literate enough to even "find" dPReview. There are many quite intelligent people who don't have or use computers. As strange as it may sound, there are numerous places in the United States where it's downright difficult to get on the internet and where dial-up is still the only way to do it. That may come as a complete surprise to you.

What you need to understand is that there is no necessary relationship between owning a camera which captures images with a digital sensor and owning and using a "computer." The assumption that there is simply shows the bias of youth and of life in an urban community.

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palincss wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

I'm 100% in agreement with you on this. I just purchased a Canon SX30-IS and was appalled to discover that it came without a printed manual. Do I have computers and laptops to read the PDF file with? Fortunately.

What is the point of a digital camera if you do not own a computer? And any computer capable of viewing and editing digital files is also capable of reading PDF files.

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