Bigger amperage batteries

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Re: Bigger amperage batteries

wow... i think it's out of topic guys...
OK, I was wrong using the word "amperage" it should be "capacity".
Wrong pick, my fault...
I think I'm going with a bigger capacity of third party batteries.

Skip M wrote:

Rational wrote:

There is NO such word as "amperage". Batteries are spec'd in voltage and in energy capacity (watt-hours).

Besides taking AlephNull's advice to look up words you don't think exist, you might also take a look at a battery before you start being dogmatic. My batteries are spec'd in mAH, which stands for miliamp/hours, not watt-hours. The Canon BP-511A that I'm looking at is rated at 1300 mAH, for instance.

I'm not an electronics guy, but in 30 years around cameras and their batteries, I've never heard of "watt-hours," at least in reference to those same batteries. If I'm not mistaken, wattage is a measurement of output, watt hours is a measurement of power consumption or output.
Skip M
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