Going to Cambodia for 6 weeks...

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Transport and the police.

Again, I totally agree with g2van, though another thing to think about is transport. Find a motodop (motorbike taxi) who you trust; get one from in front of a hotel, and when/if you're travelling with him, keep your camera and your bag between you and the 'driver'. Also, get a helmet, the traffic is chaotic, and the police won't see that you're a foreigner. A friend of mine was in a tuk-tuk and the driver went the wrong way down a one-way street, the tuk-tuk got pulled over by the police and my friend got fined; the driver had no problem.

There have been cases of bags/equipment being snatched and people being pulled off bikes. The police have been known to stop bikes and 'confiscate' cameras, it happened with me once, but that's another story... Or maybe find a tuk-tuk, more expensive, get stuck in traffic, but generally safer.

Yes, be very careful at night away from the riverside, and don't go anyway near Wat Phnom at night...I used to live near there, and one night my bike conked out at Wat Phnom, that was very interesting to say the least.
I should stress that not all the police are corrupt, just a few of them.

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