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Re: He already knows that

Pete Perry wrote:

Chato wrote:

Pete Perry wrote:

As I stated to the usually ill informed T3 the ifixit tear down has a parts list and researching the part for the LCD shows that it is in fact an 18 bit screen or 6 bits per channel or roughly 232,000 colors.

The truth is, the only area the ipad 2 shows any advantage over competitors is viewing angle...

Contrast Ratio it loses
Pixel density it loses
Resolution it loses

These aren't just statements they're are documented facts.

He's shilling for Apple. I really believe this. Anyone who calls a 9x7 display as perfect for image processing is knowlingly lying. Even if it was a full 24 bit display, it's just a tiny screen.


No he isn't, he used to do the samething with Canon Gear... He's just a fanatic which is worse because he isn't even getting paid for his behavior.

Anway, there's more than just that being the issue...

Trying to sharpen images on a display that is 130 ppi and incapable of displaying the full size of many images is crazy because the results will be unpredictable at best...

Have you ever worked on drum scans?

Even if you shoot with preset white balance you're still not getting an accurate representation and there's no way to tweak the display (contrary to T3's claims) because the only setting is Brightness...

The factory preset was compared by many with professional monitors and was adequate.

And Apple only has to apply their own advanced patent for ultimate color management:

Also, the Contrast Ratio Would Make it impossible to accurately adjust Contrast or Brightness on such a device because even using a histogram you would have to have known values present in the image to make it useful.

No, you don't : )

I've been correcting contrast among other things for 40 years. Yes, before desktop computers : )

In short, this is not even close to a perfect device and ultimately, you would need a laptop or something with a screen geared towards Image Processing... I personally feel that the CRT's are still the best but like many I ditched mine in favor of a much smaller LCD.

What's a perfect device?

A good CRT can cost thousands of Dollars, are low resolution, flicker…

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