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For the Canon Pro 9000 Mkii, I suggest OCP ink, been using it in my 9xxx's for many yrs. For others see the info below.

irv weiner

As an aid to those starting to consider refilling their printer carts here is my growing list of vendors recognized by the community as supplying quality ink and other accessories needed.

If you have additional quality resources to add, please do so. Hopefully, we can generate a trustworthy 'sticky'.

The cost of the ink contained in OEM carts runs 3-5 times the cost of human blood!! Over the last decade of my printing I've polled the many photo sites and other users to determine whose stuff I can trust sanely and safely.

Among the good inks listed below you can A
These are some of the vendors that are most recommended:

OCP Ink Compatibility List: OCP ink cartridge plugs and much more ink,carts,chips and more ink,carts,chips and more ink,carts,chips and more
Hobbicolors ink,carts,chips and more

Image Specialists ink,carts,chips and more

Precision Colors inks

Cone Inks color & B&W inks

Ink Republic inks & more
Efillink inks & more
Howard Electronics Bottles Needles & more

For more info and to build a working knowledge of this subject go to: good set of forums, especially the inkjet printing forum
Inkjet Printer Forum
Northlight Images: … mages.html
The Canon, Epson, HP Printer forums on Yahoo, Google

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