Cleaned my own sensor at home way...

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Cleaned my own sensor at home way...

Just to let you all know, i just completed cleaning my sensor. All went very very well. Here is how I did it.

I bought:

1. artist brush:Q Series 2F Gold water media. Made in India.

This brush has absolutely no 'lint' on it after you uncover it. I swiped the fibers across the blunt edge of a chef's knife many times and no residues whatsover came off of it into the air. I was viewing under bright side sunlight today and didn't see a speck of anything come off the brush. It's also very very soft and delicate. It is also synthetic. Also, it's not expensive. About $5.

2.CO2 canisters Don't use anything else like dust off . You have to use CO2 or nitrogen but that is hard to find. I used two canisters of the 3 for this job.


AFtger removing the plastic covering of the brush, the fibers all seemed to be pressed tightly to together. To loosen them, I swiped the fibers several times against the blunt edge of a clean chef's knife. Upon very close observation in sunlight, there was absolutely NO residues or fibers of any kind coming off. I also happened to have bought a second brush of a different kind and tried this first. But it had lots of fibers and glue stuff coming off so i got rid of it.

Next I prepared my camera for cleaning as per instructions. I used the CO2 blower on the tip of the brush for about 5 seconds to statickly charge it. I then opened the shutter for cleaning. I knew where to wipe the sensor because I knew where the spots were located. That is where I concentrated my brushing, rather than on the whole entire sensore which was just fine. After the first swipe I took picutres but the sensor dust bunnies seemed to be spread from a dot to a thin long line. I guess it wasn't dust but oil from the shutter mechanism inside the camera. But it did look a lot thinner.

I repeated blowing the brush with the CO2 blower and once again went into the camera and wiped from left to right focusing only on the area which had the oil drop. It got thinner and so I repeated this several more times. I also focused on two more areas on the opposite side of the sensor also. Always removing the brush, blowing CO2 all over it and only then re-inserting it.

After about 7or 8 passes I was finished and the sensor turned out perfectly.

HOpefully this will last a long time and I dont have to resort to wet cleaning. I think that would be my last resort if I could not lift off the oil.

SENSOR BEFORE: (top right)

SENSOR AFTER:(ignore the clouds)

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