X-100 reality, bring it back to ground

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Re: X-100 reality, bring it back to ground

FlossTycoon wrote:

Go back to the time before the 35mm was around ... The twin lens reflex was ... a waist level camera ... Along comes the Leica ... Then the reflex mirror and full frame viewfinder evolved. Now the 35mm format could challenge all the camera markets. ... The Leica innovation brought this about and 35mm SLR camera systems buried the rest of the formats. The X-100 really has nothing that has not been seen before.
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The Ancient Greeks knew a lot about photosensitive chemicals. Reflex mirrors go back to the 16th Century camera obscura , which was the basis for some of the earliest film cameras. 35mm has been around since Edison patented his 35mm Kinetoscope in 1888. Oskar Barnak built the first 35mm still camera in 1910. The 1936 Kine Exakta was the first 35mm SLR. Nobody has yet managed to bury 120, 220, Minox or any of several other rollfilm sizes. Nor view cameras. I guess there is nothing much new under the sun, including garbled history lessons, but who else has as switchable OVR/EVR?
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