GH2 vs Sony Alpha 55

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Why the title: Not in my world

When none of what you wrote contradicts what I wrote?

I wrote something about a fascination (obsession) some people (incl. reviewers) have with high ISO performance, while most photographers will actually use something like ISO 100-1600 for most shots.

What you write is your experience with both cameras, and that's fair enough. It's your money, you have to choose the stuff you want. You write about a good quality general zoom, and that is what we need in m4/3 as well. OIS vs. IBIS is a long standing debate, colours from GH2 are not the most attractive according to many sources. But really non of it relates to my previous post.

SaltLakeGuy wrote:

I tried a GH2 back in December. It frustrated the %$#$ out of me. I'm not a big video shooter so I was gunning for a still shot result. I've been a DSLR user for years and although for a stint owned a Oly PL1 which I enjoyed wanted something less limited. About the ONLY good thing I like on the GH2 was the focus speed, although in low contrast scenes and darker rooms it was still challenged. I'll state clearly size wasn't not of the essence as it is to so many here. but overall my rate of keepers on the A55 was a HUGE improvement over the GH2. I was disappointed the OIS didn't save my shaky tendencies where the supersteadyshot in the A55 has thus far amazed me what I can get away with. I use that superb 16-80 Zeiss and it is sharp from one end to the other even wide open. Colors from the Sony need no manipulation for me Jpeg or RAW. The GH2 needed it badly. I'm glad the GH2 is working out for so many. It sure didn't for me. The Sony for me was the best compromise as it's smaller than my DSLR and lighter, but gives very much comparable results. I also picked up a 70-300G and 35mm f1.8 prime to round out the lenses. It may not be for everyone. I'm not speaking from the "fanboy" perspective, just results I've had. It will be interesting to see what the GH3 turns out to be however........

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