A580: Unfortunately a disappointment

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A580: Unfortunately a disappointment

I just bought a A580 to replace my old A300.

At first glance the camera is so much better, Faster, better on high iso etc, etc
So the first hours made me smile, big time!

But later tonight I had the opportunity to use it with my HVL-F56 Flash and the big smile disappeared. The shutter lag using live view is just ridiculous!
Even when using the viewfinder there is more lag then on my A300.
Shorting "wedding party photos" with the A580 is out of the question.

The second problem appeared when importing my AWR files to IDC SR.

The auto white balance on the photos taken with flash was very bad. Way to yellow. Have never had any problems with my A300

Third problem: The A580 Underexposed when using flash compared to my A300

The fourth problem is that my old Minolta lenses (AF 50mm F/1.7 and AF 24mm F/2.8) has backfocus issues on the A580. The AF 24mm F/2.8 is worst, unusable.
I have had no problem with the Minoltas on my A300.

I feel sad because I wanted the A580 to replace my A300 for better speed and less noise at high iso but I gues I have to send it back and spend another spring/summer with my A300

Another note is that I have not seen any of this problems in any review.
But after googling: "A580 flash delay" I can see that I am not alone.

Just wanted to share my experience.


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