GH2 vs Sony Alpha 55

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But in the "real" world...

Yes, I remember how you said the A55 EVF was better than the GH2 also.

The reality is the GH2 has much more detail at ISO 200-1600. Even with the my Sony G lenses, I can never the sharpness and clarity I get with the GH2. It is even worse at wider apertures. I think this is either due to the massive NR Sony uses (even for RAW files which seems strange), or due to PDAF being slightly off much of the time. PDAF never seems to be as accurate as CDAF.

If you just want nice looking pictures, the A55 is very good. Also, You have options like the several 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses or an F/1.4 85mm (portrait lens) that you can't get for the GH2.

I will also agree that the Panasonic WB is not great. It can make the colors look off a little. If you shoot RAW, this is not an issue at all.

I guess it comes down to, if you want the best pictures, the GH2 shooting RAW will easily beat the A55 up to ISO 1600 (which is where you will shoot 90+% of your pictures). At ISO 3200, I think it is a tie. Above that, the A55 is easily better.

btw, I shoot both cameras side by side for several days. I sold my GH2 because someone offered me $200+ more for it than what I paid. I still have A55 which I do like, and use it with the Sony 70-200mm lens. m43 has nothing that can compete with that at this time.

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