GH2 vs Sony Alpha 55

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Re: On IQ

Knallberto wrote:

Bilgy_no1 wrote:

It is al too easy to use only high ISO performance and DR as a measure of IQ. But how many people really shoot most of their pictures at ISO6400 and higher?

What probably counts more is IQ in the normal ISO ranges, which imo is 100-1600. The GH2 performs on par with the best of the APS-C cameras in that range, except perhaps a 1 stop highlight range difference.

You're right. If possible I use 100 or 200 ISO, sometimes 400. For very, very seldom use 800 or 1600

Even with the best APS-C it would be adviseable to the lower ISO's for the best output. Having the ability to use very high ISO values may be handy in some occassions to produce shots that are useable at smaller sizes. But I think the main part of serious photographers would like a high quality file to work with the real keepers.

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