Help with opening jpeg files?

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Re: Help with opening jpeg files?

carl english wrote:

Delighted that problem resolved, could you please tell us what you did as this problem may happen to someone else in future and we would have to go through it all again.


Thanks Carl

What was not working:

Step1: Right click a jpeg file > open with> choose default program> highlight Nero Photosnap viewer > OK

The box that you can enable (always use the selected program to open this kind of file) was blocked, I could not tick that box.

What finally worked:

Step 2: Start> default Programs> Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program> change program> select windows Photo viewer> ok (Nero viewer was not listed in the selection)

Then I repeated step 1. This time the box was not blocked, so after selecting Nero Photosnap viewer, I ticked the box. VOILA

Now, just to let you know why I am using Nero Photosnap viewer instead of any other photo viewer.

I run 4 digital photography adult night classes from Mon to Thu night at Polytechnic West in Perth.

Nero Photosnap viewer is the only program that works with my Logitech Presentation Pointer. I wish my pointer could work with Nikon ViewNX, that would be the best option as some of your metadata is displayed.


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