Sony Ultra wide conversion lens VCL-ECU1 - Any users?

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Re: images have higher resolution WITH the converter?

blue_skies wrote:

These are JPEGs, I posted full size. Let me know if you cannot see full size, I just changed a user-parameter.

thanks, it works now. Very nice image quality, for f/6.3. My impression is that the WA converter produces stronger CA (with pretty nasty colors ...) in the corners, but this probably depends on the scene as well. I would really want to be able to correct this. Resolution seems about the same as for the 16mm without WA converter, which is impressive.

I doubt that the camera has any special correction software - it does not seem to know whether the adapter is used or not.

I don't think the camera corrects in software either. I just wondered how easy it is to remove the remaining CA in PP. If the CA doesn't behave lineair, it is difficult to remove with standard tools like PS RAW converter or PTLens.

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