The inadmissible lacking feature

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The inadmissible lacking feature

I have been thinking...

The next round of EOS-1D cameras from Canon least these ones...) must include a feature that is sorely missing, up until now.

I am talking about in-built geotagging capability.

With stand alone receivers with such ridiculous prices as 30 USD ( ) how can Canon not add an internal one to their "professional" cameras, with the prices they are selling them for?

(Some small P&S are already featuring it, for Pete's sake...!)

The top LCD would then just have another notification set of messages ("Off" (user selectable by applicable camera menu), "No Signal" "Acquiring" and "On") and the camera software would add the tags to the pictures metadata.

Myself, as just a keen amateur don't have much use for it but other keen amateurs can very well need it and professionals, for sure, would welcome it.

( thing is certain: Asking for geotagging solutions is a recurrent theme on these forums...)

It is inadmissible, in this time and age, that such a line of pro cameras is sent to market without this easy and cheap to add feature, forcing their users to seek add-on, cumbersome solutions.

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