GH2 vs Sony Alpha 55

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It is al too easy to use only high ISO performance and DR as a measure of IQ. But how many people really shoot most of their pictures at ISO6400 and higher?

What probably counts more is IQ in the normal ISO ranges, which imo is 100-1600. The GH2 performs on par with the best of the APS-C cameras in that range, except perhaps a 1 stop highlight range difference. But otoh it provides excellent detail:

"At low sensitivities the GH2 shows excellent detail beating most of the competition in terms of per-pixel sharpness and also, thanks to the new higher resolution sensor, in terms of total amount of resolved detail by a small margin."

So, if you're wondering why the GH2 is rated so favourably, this may well explain some of it wrt IQ for stills.

Alexsfo wrote:

Can somebody explain to me how Panasonic GH2 can beat Sony A55. Both are very similar in size and weight. Sony is quite a bit cheaper, has best in class IBIS, much wider (4x times?) lens selection, much higher LCD resolution (2x), currently best sensor out of all DSLRs with usable images all the way up to ISO12800, built-in GPS, HDR and 3D panorama to name a few. What exactly does GH2 offer which is substantially superior to Sony’s to command a higher price tag?
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