GH2 vs Sony Alpha 55

Started Mar 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
Ray Sachs
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One more who's tried both

I spent a few days with the A33 and loved it except for the size and weight. I had the Zeiss 16-80 lens which was incredible, but it was as large and heavy as the Pany 14-140 and that's just more than I want to carry as an everyday shooter.

I ended up with the GH2, but it was mostly a size/weight decision - if anything I'd rate the Sony a little better on most performance and IQ measures and I actually like the flip up screen on the Sony more than the flip out screen on the Pany. But the lenses are more than I want to carry and the camera is bulkier too. And I already had a full compliment of m43 lenses.

So I'm very happy with the GH2 but I've got absolutely nothing bad to say about the Sony. I really liked it and if I saw myself really carrying it like I carry my smaller cameras, I'd probably have it today.


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