360 Pano, Owens River, High Sierras, S602z Pro, 6mp, recent

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Hi Nomad, Your Pano Looks Great and thanks a lot!

I enjoyed your other images on the Image Shack, too.

I will keep trying but I did buy all the other things I mentioned in the way of photoediting and stitching software already. Gradually I will get there like you did. One problem I have is that we just travel a lot and photography has to fit in with our travels. Soooo sometimes I learning time is limited.

All the best and stay well, Gary N W SFO

nomad147 wrote:

yeh there definitly was a learning curve when i started, the first thing that improved my panos immediatly was shooting in portrait mode, and making sure my images overlapped anywhere from 20-30%, and then i dont do any PP whatsoever to the images, they go directly into the stitching program, all the pano programs crop the image during the stitching process, and this is what gives you the fuller pano, and dont be afraid to shoot the same scene 3-4 times diffrent ways either, i normally will do the same scene at least twice just to make sure i have the coverage that is needed. after the stitching is done, thats when i adjust the levels, etc..ive got the work flow down to where i can knock a 10-12 image pano out in about 15 minutes. the other thing is to experiment with the programs, yeh they will all assemble a pano, but some do them diffrently, like i said PT gui, just get the eval copy and MS Ice, which is free, if you start out with them, you are on the right track-good luck, i enjoy viewing your images, i think once you get it down, you will produce some really killer stuff.
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