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Re: GH2 vs Sony Alpha 55

Alexsfo wrote:

Can somebody explain to me how Panasonic GH2 can beat Sony A55. Both are very similar in size and weight. Sony is quite a bit cheaper, has best in class IBIS, much wider (4x times?) lens selection, much higher LCD resolution (2x), currently best sensor out of all DSLRs with usable images all the way up to ISO12800, built-in GPS, HDR and 3D panorama to name a few. What exactly does GH2 offer which is substantially superior to Sony’s to command a higher price tag?
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I had an A55, but sold/traded it after getting the GH2.

A55 is slightly superior to the GH2 in high ISO still photos. But in my experience, at low ISO, the GH2 rendered finer detail and the images I got are crisper on the GH2 than A55. This was with the A55 + Zeiss 16-80, 50/1.8 and 35/1.8, and the GH2 + 14-140, 14-150 and 20/1.7.

What really sold me on the GH2 were the ergonomics and customizability (3 user customizable function buttons). I like the side swivel LCD better and all the dials and buttons. No need to go through a "quick menu" to change settings. The GH2 also feels more solid and almost like a mid-range camera. The A55 has an entry level feel. GH2 just feels right on my hand. Like a nice fitting glove.

I also chose the GH2 over A55 because a GH2 + 20/1.7 kit is super small, light, and gives me great results. Can't get something that small with the A55. Smallest lens that the A55 has is still about 2x the size of the 20/1.7.

I miss the sweep panorama on the A55 for sure. And the faster FPS. The EVF/LCD in the A55 also gave me accurate exposure and WB preview. In the GH2, it's been hit or miss. I also miss the electronic level on the A55. And the A55 definitely has more lens to choose from, including some amazing Zeiss primes. But I think with time, m4/3 will get some high grade lenses (keeping my fingers crossed).

No opinion on videos as I don't use that feature (yet) on any cameras.

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