GH2 vs Sony Alpha 55

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Re: GH2 vs Sony Alpha 55 -- Had both returned A55

Jogger wrote:

zxaar wrote:

SHood wrote:

This is a general problem with APS-C cameras. There is a limited selection of quality APS-C lenses expecially at the long end. There is a large difference in weight and size between m43 and FF lenses.

Yaa agree with you, this is general problem with APSC cameras. For example take canon APC cameras, they hardly have any lenses for them when compared to m43.

Nikon also has same problem, to make things worse, these two are market leaders and so clearly these fools who are buying these APSC cameras are restricted to 1 or 2 kits lenses.

Conversely, what if you wanted pro lenses to go along instead of slow, kit lenses? What about a portrait lens? Fast, pro mid-range zoom? Fast tele? Tilt-Shift? etc, etc.

That was satire. Most people with modicum of grey matter knows that lenses are not problem with APC camera. If it were the case people would not be buying thos canons and nikons.

HankK wrote:

I am a still shooter. I had the A55 for a time and found that to get decent quality lenses you are back to getting full size DSLR lenses so you are back to big size kit and heavy. I have a Canon 5D2 and did not want another DSLR kit.

The GH2 is just so much better size and weight wise. I also found the GH2 with the proper choice of lenses yielded better quality photos for me. I do not shoot above 1600 and mostly at 160 to 400.

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::> I make spelling mistakes. May Dog forgive me for this.

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