All cameras frontfocus and backfocus !

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Re: All cameras frontfocus and backfocus !

True arguments here, I think.

I changed my system from Sony a200 and Sony 18-200 lens to Nikon d7000 and Nikon 70-300, 16-85 and 35/f1.8, few weeks ago. The lenses were back focusing high, the 16-85 and 35/f1.8 were accepted to the service and fixed to some acceptable level. However, the zooms still back focus and need adjustment. The point is that for both zooms, the back focus is also inconsistent: they roughly need between -5 and -15 adjustment at their middle focal lengths and it does not necessarily depend on light. The inconsistency seems to come from the inside mechanical parts of the lens, so probably can not be fixed. Annoying here is the fact that, although newer technology and much more expensive, Nikon zooms appear to be more inconsistent than the old Sony 18-200, which does not even have internal AF motor. If set on live view, all Nikons were sharp, before and after service adjustment.

For reference, the Sony also back focused heavy as new, but it was ok and very stable after I adjusted by myself (shame on me!) by moving the notorious screws.

Another strange think for me is that, although much heavier body, D7000 introduces a very high motion blur due to mirror movement if left to shoot free on the floor or on cheap tripod, compared with the lighter Sony a200, which generated no such blur in similar tests. Again, Nikon live view is sharp and ok in such situations.

I shall not mention here the big number of new and nice features that d7000 has against the old Sony a200, including a much higher class of focus system for moving subjects. The point I want to make is that, even they make huge steps forward with new technologies; they sometimes draw back in some basic areas...

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