Thinking about A33 instead of Canon t2i-quick question re lenses

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Re: Thinking about A33 instead of Canon t2i-quick question re lenses

tomtom50 wrote:

ConfuciusTse wrote:

The A55 is "better" but so will the forthcoming A77 be "even better." Decide for yourself if spending 18% more over the A33 is worth it.

The ISO performance is about 1/2 stop better. The A33 has excellent results up to ISO 1200, the A55 up to 1600. I rarely go above 800.

The 10 FPS is faster than the 7 FPS but this is in full auto mode. If you want to control any of the setting then you drop down to 6 FPS on both cameras. The buffer is larger on the A55 which is helpful if you do a lot of "spray and pray" not so much if you know what you are capturing.

The GPS is useful if you need it. But note that it takes time to lock signal which is often longer than it takes to turn on and take a couple shots.

The battery on the A55 lasts a bit longer (same physical battery). Nobody knows why, but it does.

A very fair summary. The two cameras are really very close.In fairness the a55 sensor also has a bit better dynamic range than the a33 sensor.

According to DXOMark it's actually opposite - A33 has better DR.

But anyway, both cameras are great. Canon is ok, but it doesn't have real fast AF in LiveView, and that's the main difference (and FPS). Other than that, all cameras mentioned are good. One more thing, A33 has narrower field of view in video (don't know why). But soon A35 should come out according to rumours. Maybe it will have full manual video control. |0/%28appareil2%29/673|0/%28appareil3%29/692|0/%28onglet%29/0/%28brand%29/Sony/%28brand2%29/Sony/%28brand3%29/Canon

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