Portrait Innovation pricing - wow!

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Doug MacMillan wrote:

David, I think we're all on the same page. I agree that non-photographers have different priorities. I also think they can't verballize what they want and can't speak the lingo. I do think they notice and appreciate a well executed photograph although they can't say "I think the composition in this photo is great" or "You used just the right amount of depth of field".

Few teeny boppers could expound on the Beatle's novel use of aeolian chords, they just knew they liked what they heard.

I tend to think most people can tell the difference between quality custom and cookie cutter so so work if they have it sitting in front of them side by side. Then again, not all people want to drive a BMW even if they could afford it. Not all people will settle for only the best, for some if "good enough" is not available then they don't mind going without.

Personally, I don't think the $9.99 session and walk out with a wallet $100 lighter scam is much if at all different than the $59.00-100 session with a required $200-400 print order. Same scam, just different economics.

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