Changing a 24 l II for a 35 L

Started Mar 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
ffabrici Regular Member • Posts: 498
I did it - and felt "home" again :-)

During 20+ years of analog experience with 24, 35, 50 and 85mm primes I knew that 35mm followed by 85mm were my most used/preferred FL's.

Migrating to digital with 1.3 crop and FF I was in doubt about buying a 24 or 35mm prime, and went with the 24L mkI. Great lens nothing wrong with that but I just didn't appreciate the FL so I swapped it with a 35L and felt it was perfect for my taste. So I swapped my 24, 50 and 135mm set-up to 35, 85 and 135 and felt "home" again :-).

Both the 24L and 35L lenses are really great so it is more a matter of personal stile, preference and working distance that makes the difference rather than lens quality issues.

NB: The strange thing is that I use 24mm a lot on my zooms but for whatever non scientific reason I just don't feel comfortable with a 24mm prime.

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