best software for beginner in PP Please

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Sammy Yousef
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The UI sucks! It's what drives a lot of users off. It's scripting is AWFUL. It can be a little slow.


  • it's free and open source

  • which means you can use it anywhere, give it to your friends, put it on a PC at work if allowed

  • and it works on the more popular operating systems - windows, mac and linux

  • it's powerful: it does about 70-80% of what you can do in Photoshop and even has a few tricks of it's own that Photoshop does not

  • it will teach you most of the concepts you'd use in Photoshop (industry defacto standard). This includes many of the tools and filters - they all are found in different places and have slightly different controls. You can also learn about layers and masks.

  • lots of addons: even addons to use Photoshop plugins

  • most of the significant differences are advanced features not something a beginner would mess with

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