ColorChecker PassPort and CS5-ACR questions.

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Re: ColorChecker PassPort and CS5-ACR questions.

Everything in photography, including using the ColorChecker Passport, starts with a proper exposure.

I meter first, but I keep the Highlight Alert setting Enabled on my 7D. I find that the best "expose to the right" exposure is when a light colored square on the ColorChecker just starts to blink, showing some overexposure. This is actually not an overexposure since Canon has built a safety factor into the Highlight Alert, but I usually back off 1/3 stop anyway.

Interestingly it is usually the bright yellow square that first starts to be overexposed, not the brightest white one. I attribute this to different sensitivities of the camera to different colors. Using color correction from the image of the ColorChecker takes care of this in any final images.

Some people rely on the camera histogram for judging exposure, but it isn't accurate. All camera histograms are based upon a JPG image created in the camera, regardless of what format you are shooting and storing. All JPG's have some exposure correction applied, which is why the histogram is not accurate. The Highlight Alert is much more accurate for judging exposure as long as you remember the Canon safety factor.

Of course there are occasions when you want something different than the "perfect exposure", so never forget to engage the computer between your ears before you engage your trigger finger.

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