Advice needed for new monitor purchase

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Re: Advice needed for new monitor purchase

hat view wrote:

What size of monitor would be best for us to edit photos using Photoshop and Lightroom? We would be sitting in front of it at a computer desk.

My thinking is to use a 24" diagonal screen and with the usual 1920x1080 HD TV sort of resolution, it still provides default text size in browsers etc that is easy on the eyes.

A friend bought a 22" monitor (to fit his desk setup) and the text size is just a tiny bit too small for comfort for long term viewing.

I did buy a cheapo 24" LCD 1920x1080 TV for kitchen/family room and when connected to the computer does prove to me that the screen size is a nice readable one for any text. Next of course is to buy a decent monitor of that size.

Regards.......... Guy

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