DSLR Camera with Swivel/Tilt Screen - Budget - $1200 with Good Kit Lens.

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Re: DSLR Camera with Swivel/Tilt Screen - Budget - $1200 with Good Kit Lens.

ZeevK wrote:

Hmmm... The GH2 (and for this matter, any mirror-less DSR), using your words "lets the viewfinder to use the same lens that takes the picture" , even better than the conventional DSLR - EVIL camera actually present in the VF the true image captured by the sensor (including true representation of DOF) which the Optical VF unable to do.

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Incorrect, I am afraid. The key word being 'Reflex' which refers to the swinging mirror.

Optical VF shows you exactly what the sensor will see, with full accuracy of color, resolution and contrast range. The elctronic viewfinder shows you the result of sensor capture, demosaiced, tonal curve applied, white-balanced and downsampled to about 1MP, 8-bit per color. In essense, EV approximately shows you what a picture will look like on a smallish computer monitor if shot in JPEG with no post-processing.

And completely wrong on the DoF part. DoF is a function of the lens. All cameras focus with wide-open aperture in order to admit maximum possible light. Only when a shot is taken, the lens will stop down to the selected aperture. And it really doesn't matter if behind the lens there is a mirror or a sensor. Cameras, however, often feature a DoF preview button, which will stop the lens down to set aperture, and the resulting DoF can be easily previewed in either optical or electronic VF.

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