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Re: Pentax mirrorless - any new information?

rwl408 wrote:

LKeithR wrote:

Given that the NX10, NX11 and NX100 have 14.6 MP APS-C sensors one would have to assume it's the same sensor as used in the K20D. This gives them the advantage over the m4/3s offerings--1.5x vs. 2x crop factor--and noise performance should be at lease as good if not better than m4/3...

Yes, it is. But I would prefer the sony sensors, even the 12MP one (in k-x, k-r, and x100). Panasonic has a better EVF than Samsung though. One of these days I will go to store to check out how it's EVF actually performs.

I think what I find most frustrating about this whole EVIL/compact camera thing is that no single manufacturer seems to have hit the sweet spot with a camera that has the best combo of viewfinder, sensor and ergonomics. I'll agree that some of this goes to personal preference and choice but to my mind the "best" camera available right now would be a combination of different components from different brands.

Sadly, I don't see one of these things on the Pentax horizon and I'm really afraid that if they don't do something soon there won't be any point because they'll have nothing unique to offer...

Look at the picture, not the pixels...

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