ColorChecker PassPort and CS5-ACR questions.

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buggz Regular Member • Posts: 163
ColorChecker PassPort and CS5-ACR questions.

I am trying to understand the PROPER usage of the ColorChecker PassPort.
I've watched some videos of it's use, and lightly went through the manual.
Seems simple enough.

My questions:

  • Do you keep ALL sliders in ALL tabs of ACR to the default values?

What if some of the color squares are overexposed?

  • Then do you then adjust values in ACR?

I would guessing changing anything in ACR to generate the DNG kind of defeats the purpose of the target?
Especially changing values in the Camera Calibration tab.

Yes, I should take the time and perform a proper exposure each time, instead of hurrying along.
That is probably my biggest fault, trying to hurry through everything.

Another question:

  • Are you take another target photo for different lens changes during the shooting session?

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