S95 or SD4000 as replacement for FUJI F30??

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Re: S95 or SD4000 as replacement for FUJI F30??

I moved from Fuji F30 to Canon 300HS/SD4000 myself. The 2,0 lens and the video function of the Canon are an improvement. Canon now is also covering low light situations just as well, but the colour rendition of the Fuji in normal light remains excellent and can not be bettered by Canon. So I consider them equal in this respect.

If you want to shift from plain P&S to extensive manual control, S95 would be better for you and you will also benefit from a 2,0 lens. But video on S95 is below par. So if you want video on board go to 300HS/SD4000 or better still its successor the 310HS. The latter even provides for Full HD, while the 300 stops at (excellent) 720p HD.

When you bring RAW in the equation, only the S95 remains, but I myself have not found any faults with the JPEG's of both Fuji F30 and Canon 300HS. RAW helps out in extreme situations and when the inbuilt JPEG is below par. You can avoid extreme contrasts easiliy and Fuji and Canon both cover inbuilt JPEG conversion very well.

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