How could you guys stand S95's Video focusing issue?

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How could you guys stand S95's Video focusing issue?

S95 is a great little camera, wide and bright lense, small size, etc

EXCEPT: IT can't focus in Video mode.

put it this way, I'm in a zoo and take video of kids and animals, First I focus

on my kid and pressed record button, everything is good, then I moved

moved lense to aim animals in background, guess what, animals are all

blurred. situation like this are lot. when you take videos, you don't expect

take objects in same distance, do you?

and it's not a malfunction, it says in the manual. Canon's explanation is they

intentionally disabled it because it will generate a loud motor noise keep focusing

during zoom in/out. they just simply DISABLED it in firmware.

I searched CHDK. here is my finding.

1. there is no final CHDK for S95 yet, everything still in beta.

2.beta CHDK can have focusing during takeing videos.

3.your SD card size is limited to 4GB.

4.there is a thread talking about how to do it using > 4GB card, I tried, it won't work.

I just don't understand, why still so many people want buy S95, forget it, if you

take videos and it won't focus, its a shame.

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