buying decision: Canon S95 / Olympus XZ-1 VS Olympus PEN - EP L-2

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Re: I chose the G12 for this reason ...

I'm totally with you. I have an S95 (to supplement my 50D) but wish I had a G12. The little bit of extra zoom in the G12 and the shoe mount so I could potentially use an external flash are real benefits I wish I had. My main reason for choosing the S95 over the G12 was that I bought the S95 refurbished thru Canon Direct for $255 (a 20% off sale they were having).

The G12 would also have been ...reasonably... pocketable.

But slightly bending the story: When I bought the S95 so cheaply through Canon direct, I thought, gee, I can just wait until they offer the G12 this way and buy that also, almost getting 2 cameras for the price of one. However, now that I have the point and shoot, I realize that, although the extra features I mentioned in the G12 would give it much more versatility than the S95, I wouldn't use it for photos that matter. In cases where I want external flash, more zoom, etc I probably want the 50D anyway. The S95 image quality is nice, but it really affirms why I bought the SLR. And I'm so glad it does.

So my final solution for ease of carrying/compactness is that I bought a decent compact camera backpack (a Lowepro Flipside 200). Then instead of bringing my whole kit with me, I bring camera, plus maybe one extra lens, since I can't fit much more than that in the Lowepro. The zipper on the Lowepro is on the inside, next to my body, so I can wear it through crowds without the worry that someone will unzip my backpack and steal the camera off my back. And the pack is small enough that it isn't unreasonable to take it in shops, restaurants, etc.

I occasionally bring the S95 with me, but typically only when I know I'm going somewhere I go frequently and figure that I won't have a whole lot of photo ops. Otherwise, I bring the Lowepro backpack, already packed with my 50D and ready to go.

So I guess my advice for OP is to buy the least expensive of the choices he has, and spend the rest on a bag or pack that makes carrying his big camera more reasonable. He may like the point and shoot, but he will really miss the SLR quality.

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