How do I save PC's current "sweet" running state?

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Re: How do I save PC's current "sweet" running state?

Barrie Davis wrote:

. . .
A couple of symptons...

  • C Drive very busy the whole time as if defragging or virus scanning... doesn't seem particularly related to work load, and Windows Task Manager doesn't give any clues.

  • Only a couple of my tray icons are now showing .. there should be about 8 of them. I recognise some of them as operating through Windows Task Manager processes list, but no icons = no access... (this absence includes USB "Safely Remove Hardware" for instance.)

  • Machine has its maximum 1 GIG on board of which only 350 megs are currently available even when just idling... Yet, when it was running smoothly yesterday I had closer to 620 megs in hand with IE8 open in two windows three tabs apiece.. [??]

It sounds like your C: drive is too full and might be "thrashing"; ie, the swap file/Virtual Memory is being used and abused. Back in the bad old Win95 days I once got my hard drive in a state like that and didn't even have enough drive space to print anything but very small print jobs. Try moving several GB's worth of files from C: to another drive and see if that helps. Normally, Windows takes care of the swap file's size dynamically. Some people like to create a fixed size swap file that's roughly equal to the amount of physical memory in their computer.

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