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Re: No wonder Sony doesn't seem to have much pro market appeal

ozgoldman wrote:

By all reports the A580 is at least as good as the A55 and in many respects, better.
So why won't Sony market this camera world wide?

It is not available in Canada or Australia, and there will be many other countries as well. I would not ignore a western market of over 50,000,000 people for my products, but it seems for some unexplained reason Sony can.
Does not make sense to me.

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The A580 may be available in Aus, but you'd have to ask the retailer to order it. I managed to get one in NZ, despite the fact that they aren't advertised or stocked in any stores here that i am aware of! I talked to the Sony Rep about the A580 availability and he said they had been extremely short on sensors, hence the unavailability. He did say it would show up on the Sony Style NZ soon, but as a discontinued model! So if you want one, do everything you can to get one now.

FWIW i have used both cameras and loved both. I'd still pick the 580 over the 55 though as i prefer the larger size.

Ever since i got my A580, my flatmate who is a canon shooter (EOS 400D) has decided to upgrade his camera as well. He wants to move to Nikon, but can't find anything that will compete with the A580 except the considerably more expensive D7000 - which even at its more expensive price tag still doesn't have a live view as good as the 580, and doesn't even have a moving screen.

Sony out did themselves this time round. Lets hope the trend continues!

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