Would you buy an NX10 now?

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Would you buy an NX10 now?

I recognize this is a somewhat silly question to ask in this forum, but do folks here think the Samsung NX10 is still a worthwhile purchase?
Of course, I should provide details.

First, I've found them available, new, for $400 CDN. An excellent price it seems.

Secondly, my uses: this, for me would be a travel camera and snap-shooter. Perhaps a replacement for my Fuji F31. I have a 21-month old son who I expect to be photographing a lot of, though likely not while he's running around.
I prefer minimal processing, if any. If I can do it in iPhoto, I'm happy.

I would hope to add the 20mm lens as this is a great focal length for me, and I understand it's fast.

I read up on firmware updates, and noted that the AF was given a speed boost. Hoping someone might comment on this.
Is the IQ the same or comparable to the NX100?

I've held and played with an NX10 and really dig the ergonomics. Like the LCD, great to have the EVF. Not sure about battery life.

And I've really appreciated the colours I've seen out of this camera. Someone here just posted one of their boy at a TV taken with an NX100 and I thought that looked pretty fine. As for nature shots and outdoorsy stuff - quite wonderful.

For the price, I'm thinking the NX10 might be the way to go. But my handling with it has been minimal and it's fantastic to get comments from those experienced with the camera.
Thank you kindly in advance.

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