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Re: E-PL1 user - flash question

123val wrote:

I'm reading mixed information - some customer reviews refer to the E-PL1 not having a flash yet when i read the technical details it says inbuilt flash up to 10m

E-PL1 and E-PL2 have pop-up flashes. The "Light" Pen models.

E-P1 and E-P2 have no flash. The "standard" Pen models.

The pop-up flash can be used as normal TTL flash (a triple flash happens, but looks like two flashes) or can be set to fixed power outputs where one flash happens. I use the pop-up set to 1/64 power to trigger my old Nikon SB-26 flash as a slave in self auto mode, nice.

The pop-up flashes also can be used in RC remote slave control mode where they can control up to 3 group of FL-36R or FL-50R flashes and each group can have different control method, like TTL or Auto or manual power. All controlled by a burst of signals from the pop-up, it does not contribute any flash to the scene when it does that RC control thing.

Similarly with JPEG and RAW files. My understanding is that the E-PL1 can shoot in both formats (?)

All the Oly Pen cameras can do RAW, or jpeg, or RAW plus jpeg.

Would someone who is using the E-PL1 just confirm which is correct

Also some pages that I'm building slowly may help....

Regards............. Guy

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