602 Pro? I'd rather have Fuji 602 5MP

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Re: Noisetest, (pics together from link)

emajk wrote:

Just look at it. Pics from Imaging resource, houseshot.


Need I say more?


Actually no but you should compare comparable things. Here you are comparing pics taken in different conditiosn and probably watching a 707 straight pic at 200% versus an interpolated 602 pic also at 200%. That on its own is already a huge disadvantage.

Here is a merger. Explenation on the picture.

SlipStream wrote:

emajk wrote:

I meant the ccd has higher noise. That has been the problem from
the start and still is. Look at the 707, noise?


Well good idea take a look at the 717 (took a look at that one as
easier to compare with than with 707 and probably better than 707
anyway) iso noise in the test at dpreview. To me it looks that the
602 has less noise at iso400 than the 717 at iso 200 so hmmm. The
602 is less noisy you know.

I'm not saying the image of 602 is better than 717 but when we are
talking noise its better.

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