PL 25mm 1.4 vs ZD 14-54 @ 25mm

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Zuiko vs Leica tests

I have it resolved for myself (on various evidence) that Zuiko Digital is as good or better glass than Leica--when at the same AOV/aperture. (I have E5 and most of Zuiko and M8 and quite a lot of M-glass). However Leica goes in its Summilux line up to f1.4, Zuiko never. Also Leica-M covers full frame (43mm image circle) while Zuiko 4/3 (21.62mm image circle). On the other hand Zuiko being varifocal is often as good as Leica being a prime. Well, we don't have a 25/1.4 zuiko. Th ePanaleica 25/1,4 is the next best thing. I personally use 90% of the time the 12-60 on my E5. I believe it to be the best walkabout glass/body combination. It beats my D700+24-120VR2 (gather dust since). With that combo I take with me 50/2 and 25/1.4, when I need the big apertures. I also love my 14-35/2 but it's simply too big and heavy for trips. I use it mostly close to home on one-day exursions. Same with 150/2. tested most of the glass on E3. Below some charts for everybody to draw his own conlusions. Go to lenstip for full reviews. 25/1.4 is good glass, I believe a similar zuiko prime would be better. Olympus made a choice and put out the 14-35 instead.

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