FZ40 vs. FZ100 (Macro)

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Re: FZ40 vs. FZ100 (Macro)

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Hello all!

I have searched this forum for this topic and could not find a debate on the FZ40 vs. FZ100 that I could fully understand given my knowledge in photography. I am an extreme amateur photographer who loves macro photography (both inside and outside) and I'm currently looking at the FZ40 vs. the FZ100. I am sick of using a dinky $99 point and shoot camera and would love to upgrade to a more "professional" investment. I cannot afford anything higher in price than $379, which is what the FZ100 is listed at. Given the expertise on this forum, what would you guys recommend as the best camera for the job? I will also use the camera for scenery/nature shots while I'm out on a hike or at the park, so I will not be doing 100% macro shooting by any means.

Thanks in advance!

Depends what your $99 camera is. Some of the cheapest cameras do very good macros. I've been playing with the FZ100 a bit and it does very well at macros, but I also get some equally stunning macro shots with a Fuji I paid $35 for.
Oll an gwella,

Get a good used ZS3 or ZS7 new...either one will do for excellent macros...and are very usable ISO400 Cameras also...

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