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Re: Nikon D4 - & upcoming Lenses

MichaelAlexander wrote:

Ok great info from you all - i think i will buy the lenses now - thanks so much!

And for goodness sake, buy something to put behind them for the short term. They work fine on any Nikon body. Buy a good used D300 or even a D90. Once you are past the initial learning curve, moving to the next generation is done with an evening with the manual. Keep the camera as a backup once production resumes. And who knows when that will be?

Or buy a D700 and be happy for the rest of your life. With my D700, I don't care if they never come out with a new model—it is that good!

Yes, Japan is the most well prepared country in the ring of fire. Yes, they have contingency plans that were put in motion before the first aftershock hit. They will recover faster than any other place could. None the less, they still will have to clear roads, get electricity flowing, and all the infrastructure functioning. They are still in search and rescue mode and only once that is completed, will rebuilding hit its stride.

I am sure every Nikon employee is anxious to get back to a steady paycheck, and Nikon will do everything they can to expedite this. They have said as much. But they do need fuel, roads and rails to get supplies, and to ship finished product. The needs of shipping goods for recovery will be competing with the shipping for Japan's engines of production.

Nikon will need reliable electricity, specially in the optical department where glass must be cooled at a precise rate. While buildings are standing, there may be structural damage to patch in order for them to be safe. They were only some 80 to 90 miles from the epicenter, so precision equipment may take weeks to re-align.

I expect like their country, most companies also had contingency plans and are moving ahead as quickly as they can. However, the task for many is certainly daunting. Whether it will take Nikon a month or a year to get back up to speed is anyone's guess. All the FX cameras are made in Sendai, so that is where the focus of this group must necessarily be while watching the recovery.

You may be in for a long wait—so you too need contingency plans to make use of those lenses while you wait. Obviously, there are few things less useful than a lens without a camera behind it. That is tying up a lot of money, to just sit idle while Japan rebuilds.

As per buying now, that is a gamble. The Bank of Japan is dramatically increasing "liquidity"—or as some say, "printing money". Reading financial analysts, it means that obtaining necessary goods for the nation will be much easier. It also means that it may result in a degree of inflation and thus a drop in the value of the Yen. The monetary world has been urging Japan to do so for a number of years, but they have resisted. If the predictions come true, prices may come down eventually.

Whether this will actually happen—who knows? In the meantime, I am happy as a clam, shooting with my D700. My web-site and Facebook albums steadily grow with the superb output my D700 provides.

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