Sigma 50mm 1.4 and Canon 5D

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Re: Sigma 50mm 1.4 and Canon 5D

Phil Hill wrote:

JayMurph wrote:

Also what would be the suggested distance (5 or 6 feet) with the 50mm? Would I be correct in assusming that most head and shoulder photos are cropped?

I don’t think there’s any magic distance that will work for everybody, but 85mm should put you close, and 100mm would probably provide a safety margin, even for subjects with prominent features. 85mm will provide results very similar to 50mm on the 30D.

When I was working with 35mm film, 100mm was my favorite portrait length. On my 7D I now use my 60mm Tamron to provide the same perspective as 96mm on FF, but I’ve also used my Sigma 50 for routine portraits with very good results. Both lenses are so unforgiving that I either shoot through a Zeiss Softar (a carryover from my film days) or do some smoothing via software (or sometimes both).

Rather than crop, I'd prefer to use something around 100mm on FF if wanted a really tight shot. Depending on how much of the shoulders you include, 85mm might be sufficient, though. It probably depends somewhat on the subject, and even the lighting.

Yes, I understand. I have seen some wonderful photos done with a 50mm from full body to head photos with a full frame sensor. And those photos and photographers have inspired me.

With the head photos I just assumed that the photog's filled the frame but from what I am seeing and if I am understanding (you) correctly then yes, I would have to step back then crop. I didn't realize that the distortion would be so prominent. I was just wondering if there was a "minimum suggested starting distance" but I understand the more I shoot with this lens and body combination the more I will (hopefully sooner rather than later) discover what works and what doesn't as far as getting the what I envision.

Thank you.

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