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Michael Kaufman
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Same thing repeated.

russbarnes wrote:

It's poor value for money where the technology is concerned - it's clearly a case of form over function and that is where 'value' is determined and why 6/10 is utterly fair in that respect.

Russ, If you don't like it, don't get one. If you think its overpriced to you that's fine. You repeating that you think your personal opinion is a universal truth doesn't make it universal, it just makes you repetitive. How does the fact that it is a poor value for you, make t a poor value for everyone? What objective scale are you using?

The fact that there may well be millions of suckers lined up to buy it at inflated prices, shows that people are more interested in glitter than substance or owning something just because.

I love the way people always get personal when they can't counter an argument, always takes a lot of intelligence to do that. You calling people suckers probably took a lot less intelligence then actually coming up with a real argument. The fact that your position makes no sense probably had something to do with that.

Well done to Fuji for creating an item which has come with spurious marketing spiel, then manufactured to a small enough batch to keep the price artificially high. They didn't underestimate demand at all, they are simply controlling the market...

So, if I can paraphrase, there are thousands and thousands of people who want to buy this camera as $1200, every time a few show up, they are sold out in an instant, but your argument is that the only reason people want to buy it is because it is available in small quantities. You believe that Fuji could be making more of them, but they are choosing not to because that's how they will make the most money. That doesn't sound silly to you?

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