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MichaelAlexander wrote:

While Japans tragedy is surely a shame - we all have to make informed decisions when purchasing equipment - i too have to make a living..

Hopefully, you can make a living with what you have while you wait. The most recent rumors about the D4 have suggested an annoucement in fall, not mid summer.

The Nikon Sendai plant sustained some damage in the quake. The infrastructure in Sendai, needed to support that plant, sustained major damage. It is difficult to know when that will be restored, but it could take quite awhile. If the D4 development and production remains in Sendai, there will be serious delays in getting the camera out. You could easily be waiting into mid 2012, or later.

If production is moved to Malaysia, it will take time to move equipment, set it up, get it calibrated, move personnel (or train new workers), etc.

Whatever happens, it is quite likely to cause serious delays beyond what was previously scheduled.

I believe the high-end lenses are made at the Nikon Totigi plant. It is about 70 miles south east of the Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant. I don't know whether it is in an area where the infrastructure has been impacted by its proximity to the plant, but many areas around the plant are having difficulty getting food, and gasoline. Rolling blackouts have also been affecting the area. So, lens production may have been affected.

The value of the Yen has spiked, driving prices of some Nikon gear upwards. It is a little over 81 to the dollar today. The G7 are going to try to bring it down. Keep that in mind when shopping for lenses.
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