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Re: Relative lens sizes - legacy lenses

lucanato wrote:

i didn't understand if you use a specific adaptor for each tipe of old lens or you own an universal one, can you suggest me were to find it?

my father owns an los canon, i don't remember the model, with two lens a bright canon 5omm and a sigma zoom, have you any suggestion for the adaptor?

to spend 200 euros for a samsung 30mm it's a big effort... and now are arriving the new lens and the 16-80mm it could be interesting..

thank you

You need a specific Adapter for each and every mount used. The Canon EOS -> NX will mount a regular EOS lens but as they were principally designed as an auto aperture lens with no aperture ring control over what you take is not really useful. However Canon did make a few specialist lenses such as true macro and tilt/shift which work manually. The EOS adapter is really useful with them. As is the FD mount and most other mounts with a history dating back to manual slr lenses.

The LTM (Leica Thread Mount M39) -> NX is harder to find but is necessary to fit those rangefinder style lenses on to an NX body.

I only sought to show that rangefinder designed lenses are more compact than those designed for slr cameras.

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