my first E5 shots

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I am available for your share :)...

evshrug2, yes it would be very nice of you, so please send me that file. My email is visible for you now, I am curious to see what you have done and to work with it.

Thanks in advance,
Regards Lou


evshrug2 wrote:

LouHolland wrote:

evshrug2, it's nice to see what you've done, but I still noticed on you second shot that there is fat white rim/halo over the left mountains. Good to see you make your own actions.

Regards Lou

Thanks for the regards and comments, as a fellow hobbyist I try to improve. Can I blame astigmatism for not being sure if I was seeing halos or just a trick of double vision? lol. But I see it, and the beauty of the action is halos are pretty much on the highlights sharpening layer, and a moment of masking or lowering the opacity of that layer would get rid of them. I would certainly spend more time on a print

By the way, I DID figure out how to export the action, so now I have it in CS5, and I have a file I can share


evshrug2 wrote:

Do you have photoshop?

I have a macro for CS2, haven't migrated it to CS5 yet... but as a hint (so I don't give all my work away or spent too long typing), here are the steps - but find your own settings!

The goal is to use the right sharpening method for highlights, shadows, and midtones,

without creating halos

Yes, I was rather quick with this conversion... Please excuse me

and without erasing detail. All photos below were taken with an E500 and the two (mk I) kit lenses it came with. Proving that you really need to print large to see most differences between advanced [ed.] cameras!

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