Do you see what I see with the 7-14mm?

Started Mar 12, 2011 | Discussions thread
rovingtim Veteran Member • Posts: 8,640
E3 + 7-14 depreview thinks the previous title is shouting so I had to add this bs ..

[the previous title was simply: E3 + 7-14]

The E3 has a lot of problems focusing the 7-14. I found this out when I was testing it on a brick wall. Press focus, and the it would focus. Press focus again and it was move and say it was in focus again. Repeat, and the focus moves again.

On a shot with straight lines, you can watch the distortion appear and disappear as the camera finds several different 'focus' points.

I have lost a few shots on jobs because the E3 + 7-14 either missed or couldn't find focus.

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