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Re: In fact...

And I'm not trying to make one.

First, thank you, Richard, for confirming the domestic origins of your products. It's implied in the descriptions of how the products are made, but I would suggest you make it explicit somewhere on your website since that is valuable information and so rare these days. I was aware of the custom-tailored nature of your products. You need not answer this, but I am curious whether you are able to recycle the aluminum bits carved out of each block. Does the supplier of the blocks take the material back?

To others, I gave all credit where credit is due for the quality of the product and that Richard deserves to make money for the thought, time, and labor that go into his unique products. I understand global manufacturing and do not suggest Richard should be selling at a loss. Richard's business model is admirable, his customer service great, AND I simply and personally think the prices are a bit high. I make no judgment about how others or the market should perceive the value of his products.

I do hope some good will come of my post in the form of more prominent notice of the domestic origins of Richard's products, which then lead to more sales.

All hail Richard! ; )


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