XZ-1 Richard Franiec grip = Amazing

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Re: In fact...

Anthony Clark wrote:

Personally I do believe the prices are a tad high, but ultimately they are worth what people will pay and Richard has carved out a unique place in the market from which he deserves to profit.

All hand made/custom made products are going to be higher in price. That's because they're not made on an industrial scale in China. Go to any trade show and look at prices and it's no different. The quality is there, and I'm more than happy paying 32 bucks rather than having the alternative, which is nothing.

Even if there was a choice between a cheap plastic version and the higher quality metal one, I'd go for the nice one as it just feels perfect on the camera.

I will admit when you pull it out of the box it's tiny, but the difference it gives to the camera makes it worth every penny.

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