Panasonic 8mm Fisheye Review

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Panasonic 8mm Fisheye Review

(Mods: I posted this about 15 minutes ago and it never appeared, so if this ends up a double post, I apologize):

So I got the Panny 8mm fisheye. I've been missing a fisheye since I sold my excellent Sigma 15mm for my Canon full frame kit. I've also owned a Tokina 10-17 when I had a Canon 30D. I like fisheyes and generally compose pretty well with them, I think, so I've been missing one. Thought about the Peleng or waiting for the new Samyang, but the Lumix one looked to be a really quality lens from what I've seen, and the price has dropped to $675, so I went for it.


Very nicely built...similar to the 7-14. Very small and compact and very pretty, honestly. Cap stays on well and AF is very fast (as it should be for a fisheye).

Color: Excellent. Nice, natural color. Saturated, but not overly so.

Sharpness: Excellent. Quite sharp right from wide open...very sharp to the corners even stopped down a smidge. As good as my old Sigma 15mm in the center and I think perhaps the best fisheye I've owned in the corners. Really top notch, and worth it's price (the Canon 15 and Sigma 15 are both in the same price range, and both are very sharp too...this is a tiny bit better in the corners I think).

CA/Fringing: Well controlled. Not perfect, but the best of the fisheyes I've owned.

Flare: Well controlled. Not as good as the Sigma 15, which is nearly impervious to flare, but still very good. Does have some tiny flares right around small light sources, but is otherwise very good.

Close focusing: Wow...really, really close. Focuses even closer than the Sigma 15, which in turn focuses way closer than the Canon can focus to about an inch or less from the front element.

Some samples (these are all on the GH1...took it today instead of my GH2):

wide open:

Close focused, wide open...the little plants were about a half inch from the front element.

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